BHP Logo History [BHP Group Mining Company]

by Waqar

BHP Group (Broken Hill Proprietary) is a mining company and it’s headquarter is situated in Melbourne Australia. The CEO is Mike Henry. The company was founded in 1885. The subsidiaries are Bhp Minerals Europe Limited, BHP Lonsdale Investments Pty Ltd.

BHP Logo Design History

BHP Logo Design

BHP is an Australian resources and mining company that was established in 2001 following the merger of Broken Hill Proprietary and Billiton. In addition to petroleum and natural gas, the company also specializes in mining iron ore.

The original BHP logo was a tricolor rectangular flag with blue and red parts separated by a thick white diagonal banner with black lettering. Despite its simplicity, the logo looked professional and conveyed a sense of power and stability.

The BHP visual identity is laconic and minimalist. Based on simple letterforms and just one bright color, it looks professional and powerful.

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