Branding Packages for Small Business

by Waqar

We create design that matter to reflect your company image , stand out from the crowd, and get a unique design. Because your logo is the first thing that reflect your identity, it must be clean and easy, memorable for anyone from the first look, it also plays an important role about how your client will receive your brand. Team of Logo Design Australia composed with art directors and marketers graphic designers will ensure that your graphic design business logo and custom Branding Packages for Small Business will reflect the message that you want.

Branding Packages for Small Business

Branding Packages for Small Business
Branding Packages for Small Business

We are here to do small business branding package, a new and fresh design agency that has as purpose to deliver amazing graphic design at a low rate. In our small business branding packages Australia, you’ll get a custom logo design, business card design, email signature, letterhead design and social media profiles & cover designs.

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Logo Design

What you’ll get?

Here are the logo types that we can design for you. (Branding Logo Package)

  • Iconic / Symbol (No Text – Graphics Only)
  • Wordmark (Text Only)
  • Iconic + Text (Combination of Graphic + Business Name)
  • Free 3D Mockup

You’ll get unlimited revisions until satisfaction. You’ll receive final delivery with editable source files. Checkout our Logo Design Services Australia.


  • We will design custom favicon (icon) for your business website
  • Unlimited revisions + editable source files.

Business Card

What you’ll get?

  • 1 or 2 Sided Business Card
  • Ready to Print Files
  • Free 3D Mockup

We will ask for your Logo, your name, Title/Position, Phone Number, Email, Website, Address, Services and whatever you want to put on the card. You’ll get unlimited revisions until satisfaction. You’ll receive final delivery with editable source files + 300 dpi CMYK Color Format.

Letterhead Design

We will design custom email signature for your business in JPG format.

What you’ll get?

  • Print-ready JPEG / PDF / WORD file / AI file of Letterhead
  • 8.5 X 11.0 inches or a4 size | CMYK | 300 DPI
  • You can also specify your own size by consulting your printing company.
  • Free 3D Mockup

Email Signature

We will design custom email signature for your business in JPG format.

  • We will design Email Signature
  • You’ll get editable files + high quality Email Signature in JPG format that will stand out and make an impact in your every email.

Social Media Profiles & Covers

We will design Social Media Profiles (Display Picture) and Covers to make your social media account look great. Here’s the list of Social accounts we will design for your small business.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

We understand that starting from scratch or re-branding can be daunting. That’s why we offer custom branding packages (Branding Packages for Small Business) to tie it all together for you. No matter what industry you’re in, we have a solution for you. We originally cater to clients in Australia, but we have since expanded our service to include the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. We have created custom graphic design business logos for a wide variety of businesses, including but not limited to plumbers, dentists, tradies, fitness industry professionals, wholesalers, builders, coaches, surgeons, small business owners, accountants, start-up companies, agricultural businesses, and more. We support small business logo design Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other states in Australia.

This package is an affordable service for small to medium businesses and starts-ups. Inclusions are:

  • Custom logo (5 concepts, free unlimited revisions)
  • Website Favicon (Icon): (2 Concepts, free unlimited revisions)
  • Business card design (2 concepts and unlimited layout revisions)
  • JPG email signature (2 concepts and unlimited layout revisions)
  • Letterhead (2 concepts and unlimited layout revisions)
  • Social Media Kit (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)
  • Style guide (1 page pdf outlining your fonts, color codes)

Benefits of Small Business Branding

In today’s world, marketing & branding are playing a major role in obtaining a high level growth for product & services offered to the world. To run the business more efficiently and apparently, the company should make an effective marketing & brandings which is very thorough, challenging, anticipating and giving answers of customer’s queries before they are asked.

To develop an excellent marketing & advertising plan can help any business to better define their objectives, goals, ideas and plans. Strong marketing & advertising plan are taking time to develop and will increasing the strength of your Products & Services. This is not due to the strength of creating a difference in customer perceptions but its strength is due to the meaning that the product / services create. Brands however need to be relevant and appeal to the new generation of consumers and that is why marketing & branding has evolved over the years and strong brands are always being revitalized to maintain relevancy and to attract new consumers.

The greatest benefits of developing a good marketing & advertising plan will give a path to focus your available resources and gives your business a better growth and new heights. This will help you to see the growth of your products and services which will meet the set targets and explore your business in the market. Good marketing campaigns and branding help your potential customers to understand why your product or service is better or different from your competitors and other products available in the market. Also, it helps to reach the target audience, increase customer base, and also increase your sales & bottom line. It’s also required when seeking funding and helps you set clear, realistic and measurable objectives for your business.

Building your brand in a market is a crucial part of building your business. There are some points you need to consider to build the foundation of both your business and brand includes:

  • Who are your targeted customers segment, what is your market segment and understand how your products or services meet their requirements.
  • Creating Position for your brand, products and services so that your target audiences’ sees your business as better than, or different from, the competition.
  • Instead of following your competitors, introducing some unique marketing tool.
  • Keep watching your competitors activities.
  • Set specific, measurable goals and timeframes for your marketing activities.
  • Map out a strategy to reach your target audience, including the messages, channels and tools you will use.

Through a comprehensive brand research & analysis, we will develop amazing business branding for your company that’s gives huge publicity & mileage and helps to create a reputed place for your products & Services in today’s competitive market. We will develop unique designs according to your requirement, keeping in mind the specialization & features of your products & Services.

Benefits of Social Media Branding

A huge number of people are going to look at social accounts and pages for a variety of reasons. Social Media Branding Packages are going to be far more helpful to promote your business. Online presence and shopping is something that can make a big difference as people begin to look for more work in the service Sector. Facebook / Twitter fans are often going to be the most active shoppers out there. There are fans / followers that may be able to help you learn how to improve your products and services. We have the Best Logo Designers in Australia who can handle all kind of tasks.

The people who work hard to get social networking fans should use the services that we offer on a regular basis in order to make sure that they are able to remain competitive in the current marketplace. A big time company that wants to make a splash on social media should increase their fans by promoting their well-designed social media accounts. Get your risk free logo and branding package designed by Australian graphic designers.


The first thing that present your company is your logo, be sure before you deliver this task for any company that is experienced enough to take your image to the next level. Here at Logo Designs Australia, we take each project as a challenge to bring an original outcome for the benefit of our prospect. Our graphic designer logo services are risk free with unlimited revisions. So if you are looking for web and logo design packages, you can get a quote from our website. We offer high quality logo and website design packages for your new startup business. Those who are looking for a good logo backgrounds, we also deliver 3D mockups by putting really great backgrounds to your small business logo graphic design.


Business Cards are the most affordable way to promote your business locally and internationally. It’s easy to distribute and display your company contact information. It’s more visible than a regular email. Checkout our Business Card Design Services in Australia.


Whether you need a banner for your website, or one for your ad campaign with our team you are sure to get a max result from your idea, not only you will be impressed by the design delivered, but you will also benefit from years of experience of our designers.

Get high conversion of your ad campaign, a well designed banner will increase the click through rate to your website or your ad. Get targeted clicks to your niche and convert visitor into customers, our team will help you in the process of getting an attractive banner that delivers your message and convert very well. Our Logo Makers are so exited to create banners and cheap logo designs for your organization


We believe that social media like Facebook and Twitter and other social platform are helping companies reach more prospects, Making your Fan page or social page timeline cover unique and professional will make you stand out from the competition. Besides small business logo design service, our social media design kit is so professional and we always say that our services are 100% risk free because we offer unlimited revisions until your satisfaction.


Letterheads can offer a small businesses with the opportunity to promote themselves, develop and maintain a positive image every time they send out a letter. It makes your organization more official and contain contact information in a decent way.



Logo Designs Australia is a web design company composed with in house experienced graphic designers, art directors, and marketers all with years of experience in the graphic industry. We believe that each project is unique, and need a full concentration on it for the whole process that starts with getting the client brief, making the related research like photos, font’s, color schemes, adjusting making revision until client satisfaction.

How does LOGO BRANDING PACKAGE process work?

After a client choose a custom package and filling out the online brief, a project manager deliver it to our creative team, if anything seems to miss out we email the client back or take contact directly with him to get the necessary info to start the project within less than 48 Hrs.

The revisions after that delay will not be proceeded within 48 Hrs, an will be delayed for an extra 72 Hrs.

What should I have in my logo?

This is simple. Your logo can be the name of your business as it is or in a creative format and colors or it can also have your company name as an image. In short, that is the designer’s task, they will almost always take care of everything. Of course, make sure you have conveyed what you want the logo to have to the designer and please “keep an open mind” to the possible suggestions of the “specialist”.

Why is your company logo so important?

We’d like to think that your logo design was designed by a professional and not just done in Word. We’re going to risk saying that your company logo can make your business grow or lead to extinction.

Think about it, remember that your company logo is at the heart of your business marketing. It is used in everything, including letters, business cards, website, brochures, advertisements, etc. In reality, the logo is as important as the name of the company, in itself it is what represents it to your customers.

Having a logo increases your credibility

This is the number one reason to get a logo for your business. There’s no more. If you already have a logo, it is worth continuing to do research and re-evaluate the impact it has on your customers. Remember, if you want to change the look of your business you can start with the logo change.

Having a logo for your company simply says, “I am serious about my business.” Convey a sense of security so that the people you do business with feel that you are real and trustworthy and that you can deliver whatever you say.

Even if you don’t have an established business, you can have a logo that represents your personal brand. After all, all they’re trying to do is sell each one of us.

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