Woolworths Logo History [Woolworths Group Supermarket]

by Waqar

Woolworths Group Limited has had several different logo designs since the first version was created in 1960. Woolworths (affectionately called “Woolies” in Australia) is an Australian grocery store and supermarket chain owned by the Woolworths Group. As of 2019, Woolworths was the largest supermarket chain in Australia, with a 33 percent market share. Woolworths sells groceries (vegetables, meat, fruit, packaged foods, etc.), magazines, health and beauty supplies, DVDs, stationery, baby and pet supplies, and household products. Check BHP Logo History.

Woolworths Logo History

Woolworths logo history

In 2007, the present green Woolworths icon first appeared with a few changes to the wordmark and slogan since. A new handwritten variant of the Woolworths’ slogan began appearing in catalogs in late September 2015. The current Woolworths “W” symbol is drawn in various shades of green which gives the illusion of depth and volume. The wordmark is written using a green shade in title case while the company’s slogan is in lowercase letters also written with a green shade. Check Australia Post Logo History.

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