NAB Logo History [National Australia Bank Logo Design]

by Waqar

NAB (National Australia Bank) is one of Australia’s four largest financial institutions by market capitalization, earnings, and customers. It was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Melbourne. Check BHP Logo History

NAB Logo History

National Australia Bank Logo Design

The original NAB logo featured a seven-pointed red star, which has been the centerpiece of the visual brand identity ever since. There is also an extended version of the National Australia Bank logo, where the full name is used. Here, the star isn’t as prominent. The star stands out against the black background, pretty much like a red light against the night sky. Also check Woolworths Logo History.

The star in the main logo is placed inside a black rectangle, with the word “nab” in white below or to the right. There is also a version where both the emblem and the wordmark are placed on a white background. The type in the NAB logo is a little unusual, with rectangular ends and serifs. This unique touch makes it stand out from other brands. Check Westpac Logo History.

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