Westpac Logo History [Westpac Bank Australia]

by Waqar

The Australian financial company Westpac has a long and rich history dating back to 1817 when it was first established under the name The Bank of New South Wales. The company’s logo, adopted in 1931, featured a monochrome heraldic crest with three birds and a traditional ribbon with the wordmark placed under it.

This was a symbol of the bank’s strong link to its roots and legacy, which it only abandoned in 1974 when it came to its visual identity concept.

Westpac Logo History

Westpac Logo History
Westpac Logo History

For the first years of its existence, the bank used a heraldic symbol as its logo, which was later replaced by a modern emblem. This emblem stayed with the company even after its name change in 1982. Although Westpac’s current logo is based on an emblem introduced in 1974, it has a very modern look due to its minimalistic style.

The red stylized “W”, introduced in 1982, is still used by the bank as its official emblem, and there are several different ways that the company uses it.

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