How to Design a Letterhead?

by Waqar

You can choose between two methods of creating your letterhead – custom design or template. Custom designs are of course, more preferred since it allows you to create an entirely different letterhead from a unique concept based on the personality you want to project for your company. With templates, you can only play along the preset formatting of the design company or software you will employ whereas with custom designing your imagination is on your own. You have the privilege of personalizing every aspect of the letterhead, from the logo design to color scheme to paper type. It is a given, however, that custom designs are far more expensive compared to template presets. If you’re looking for a custom letterheads, at Logo Design Australia, we provide high quality custom made letterhead design for your business.

Order Custom Letterhead Design

The price may be the deciding factor on whether to use custom design or template with your letterhead. Nonetheless, you can still get the effect you want for your company letterhead with an ounce of creativity and by choosing the perfect design company or software for your needs. Some software allow less customization compared to other high-quality companies so you may want to scout for those kind by taking in consideration a few factors that may affect the general appearance of your letterhead.

The first thing you have to consider is the logo design. In some applications, you are only allowed to use their own graphic arts for your logo which is quite useless since the very purpose of having a logo is to identify yourself among others. Choose an application that allows you to upload an image from your file so that you can use the same logo from your business card, brochures and other publications. If you don’t have one yet, you might consider using their stock art but it is most advisable to have someone else design a logo for you so that you can use it for the letterhead. Remember that the logo has to be distinguishably yours. Also checkout Letterhead Design Techniques to make a perfect design for your organisation or company.

This also goes for the ink color you are going to use. Choose a company that can provide ample number of options when it comes to color. Template applications, however, may only allow you a certain number of choices for the letterhead. The average ones only allow one or two color scheme while others let you choose four colors for your letterhead. But it is not a very difficult consideration because for letterheads, you must only stick with a few color variations which are again based on your company profile. But if you insist on using more colors than what is necessary, you have to pay extra charges for the ink expenses and you might be waiting more time before the letterhead gets delivered. If you want to see what our customers are saying about us, check out our testimonials.

The same thing goes with typestyle. Other companies only allow you to choose one typestyle as your main typeface probably for the company name and all other secondary information are printed on a standard typeface. The options may also range from eight to a hundred, again depending on the services you will hire. Other bigger companies allow you to choose at least two typefaces for your text. But again, when it comes to typestyle, you have to limit it to two typefaces or the letterhead will end up looking overdone.

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