Logo Design Cost in Australia: Complete Guide

by Waqar

In today’s world, Australia is one of the most traditionally diverse societies and it has essentially a western culture obtained from Britain and influences Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and other residents which includes permanent and temporary residents of Australia. Let’s talk about the cost of a simple logo design in Australia.

Logo Design Cost in Australia

The cost of logo design in Australia is another vital factor that made the companies scrutinize the required mode for their purpose. The average design cost of a logo varies from 50 AUD to 1,000,000 AUD. The good news is that, at Logo Design Australia, we charge less than an average price in Australia as our packages start from 39 AUD.

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One of the top prominent difference is that most of these companies do not provide unlimited revisions so you have to select their designed product which is sometimes, a waste of money but our company don’t charge extra for revisions this is why it’s completely risk free logo design services in Australia.

Average Logo Cost in Australia

Can I design my own logo?

If you want to create your own logo at home, Canva is a good option. It’s a graphic designing network which can be used to design social media toolkit, posters, custom logos and much more. Canva has more than thousand logo design templates which you can customize and download it in different file formats e.g. JPG, PNG, or PDF. The Canva Pro is $119.99 annually or $12.99 monthly.

How much should a freelance designer charge for a logo?

The one of the most popular freelancing platform, Freelancer.com estimates that the average cost for freelance logo design ranges between $100 and $5,000.

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